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Franz Liszt. 1811-1886 „Génie oblige” – this was the motto chosen by Franz Liszt, the only Hungarian musician in the 19th century to be universally recognised.

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  • Libro - Wikipedia Un libro è costituito da un insieme di fogli, stampati oppure manoscritti, delle stesse dimensioni, rilegati insieme in un certo ordine e racchiusi da una copertina.
  • Cosima Wagner's Diaries, Vol. 2: 1878-1883: Cosima Wagner. Cosima Wagner's Diaries, Vol. 2: 1878-1883 [Cosima Wagner, Martin Gregor-Dellin, Dietrich Mack, Geoffrey Skelton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.
  • Die Meistersinger [Blu-ray]: Artur Korn, Klaus. Die Meistersinger [Blu-ray]: Artur Korn, Klaus Florian Vogt, Michael Volle, Franz Hawlata, Norbert Ernst, Michaela Kaune, Carola Guber, Bayreuth Festival.
  • Richard Wagner - Wikipedia Richard Wagner was born to an ethnic German family in Leipzig, who lived at No 3, the Brühl (The House of the Red and White Lions) in the Jewish quarter.
  • Historia insólita de la música clásica I - Alberto Zurron Para Richard Wagner no había mayor desgracia que la de ser pobre, un estado que conoció con frecuencia. Richard Strauss tampoco entendía mucho de España, donde la.
  • Cosima Wagner - Wikipedia Cosima Wagner (born Francesca Gaetana Cosima Liszt; 24 December 1837 – 1 April 1930) was the illegitimate daughter of the Hungarian pianist and composer Franz Liszt.
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  • Вагнер, Козима — Википедия Ко́зима Ва́гнер (нем. Cosima Wagner, имя при рождении Франче́ска Гаэта́на Ко́зима Лист, Francesca Gaetana.
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