Stillmeadow seasons-Book of Stillmeadow: Gladys Taber: 9780891905936: Amazon.

Book of Stillmeadow [Gladys Taber] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The author portrays her experiences through the seasons living with a friend.

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  • Life at Stillmeadow—Land&People | The Trust for Public Land Long before Martha Stewart made the world safe for country chic, Gladys Taber ruled the rural roost in Connecticut. Her home base was Stillmeadow, an agricultural.
  • Stillmeadow Calendar (9780848807245): Gladys. This book makes a great introduction to the Stillmeadow series and the work of Gladys Taber. At turns charming, uplifting, moving, funny, wistful, thoughtful, and.
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  • Gladys Taber - Wikipedia Gladys Bagg Taber (1899–1980), author of 59 books, including the Stillmeadow books, and columnist for Ladies' Home Journal and Family Circle, was born in Colorado.
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