The Wounded Buzzard on Christmas Eve Hank the Cowdog 13-The Case of the Vampire Vacuum Sweeper (Hank the Cowdog.

The Case of the Vampire Vacuum Sweeper (Hank the Cowdog) #29 [John R Erickson, Gerald L Holmes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book

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  • The Official Website of Hank the Cowdog The official homepage of Hank the Cowdog. A series of humorous children's mystery novels, written by John R. Erickson and illustrated by Gerald L. Holmes.
  • Hank the Cowdog - Wikipedia Hank the Cowdog is a long running, ongoing series of children's books written by John R. Erickson and illustrated by Gerald L. Holmes. The books follow Hank, a dog.
  • John R. Erickson - John R. Erickson, a former cowboy and ranch manager, is gifted with a storyteller's knack for spinning a yarn. Through the eyes of Hank the Cowdog, a smelly, smart.
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