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Synopsis. A charming love story of a group of men and women that is hotter than the boiling oil in a sizzling hot wok. Across the street of the six-star Giant Hotel.

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  • Wok of Love - AsianWiki Profile. Drama: Wok of Love (English title) / Greasy Melo (literal title) Revised romanization: Gireumjin Mello Hangul: 기름진 멜로 Director: Park Sun-Ho, Ham.
  • Wok | Definition of Wok by Merriam-Webster Recent Examples on the Web. Pour a splash of chicken or vegetable broth into wok, add tofu and sauté. — Joan Elovitz Kazan, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
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  • The Everyday Wok Cookbook: Simple and Satisfying Recipes. The Everyday Wok Cookbook: Simple and Satisfying Recipes for the Most Versatile Pan in Your Kitchen [Lorna Yee, Kathryn Barnard] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on.
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