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  • Amazon.com: Xenosaga: The Animation - Complete Box Set. Xenosaga is difficult to review because it has two disparate interest groups: those who want to know how the movie compares to the video game and those who want to.
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  • Xenosaga - Wikipedia Xenosaga is a role-playing video game series developed by Monolith Soft and primarily published by Namco. Forming part of the wider Xeno metaseries, Xenosaga is set.
  • TVアニメ化したゲーム作品の一覧(年代別まとめ) - 仮設 2005年. 2005年1月 AIR 2005年1月 Xenosaga THE ANIMATION 2005年1月 まじかるカナン 2005年1月 らいむいろ流奇譚X CROSS 〜恋、教ヘテ.
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  • Amazon.com: Xenosaga - PlayStation 2: Unknown: Video Games Product Description. In-game database tracks game information. Amazon.com. The ambitiously named Xenosaga: Episode 1--Der Wille zer Macht is an epic-sized space.
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